4th Annual Cyber Operations for National Defense Symposium

Advancing Cyber Capabilities in Support of Multi-Domain Battle

August 2-3, 2017

The Mary M. Gates Learning Center, Alexandria, VA

This symposium will focus on the policy and operations necessary to ensure freedom of operation and defense of US Networks. Cyber leaders from all aspects of the defense community will come together to discuss the ever-evolving cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and opportunities that our nation faces. The event will focus on defensive cyber operations and the necessity of dominating cyberspace to fight and win in a multi-domain battle. The Symposium will also address the efforts by DHS to protect the US Government’s networks and the nation’s most critical infrastructure.

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2017 Speakers Included:

Lt Gen Scott Rice, USAF,
Director, Air National Guard

161129-F-JA180-015 Maj Gen Burke “Ed” Wilson, USAF
Deputy Principal Cyber Advisor to the Secretary of Defense, Senior Military Advisor for Cyber
Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, OSD

BGen Patrick Higby Bio Maj Gen Patrick Higby USAF
Director, Cyberspace Strategy and Policy
Office Information Officer, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force

161129-F-JA180-015 MG Garrett Yee, USA
Director, Cybersecurity Directorate

Essye Miller
Deputy CIO for Cybersecurity

2018 Speakers Coming Soon


Why You Should Attend This Summit:

The 5th Cyber Operations for National Defense Symposium will bring together cybersecurity experts from across the Defense Community and other Federal agencies to discuss the intricate threat that cyber attacks pose to US national security. Speakers from organizations including the DoD and DHS will share their critical and unique insights into US cyber policy and the challenges we must overcome to effectively protect our interests against hostile state and non-state adversaries.

In response to the rapidly evolving nature of the cyber domain, our speakers will focus on the new initiatives towards modernizing government systems and executing both defensive and offensive cyber operations. Additionally, the Symposium will examine the recent elevation of USCYBERCOM, new rapid cyber capability acquisition protocols and the operationalization of Cyber Mission Forces.

Delegates from industry will have a unique opportunity to engage in open and honest conversation with key decision makers about the current and future direction of US cyber policy. Attendees will gain valuable insights into navigating cyber technology acquisition and hear about the cyber technologies urgently needed by cyber warfighters for the successful defense of American interests.

DSI’s team specializes in the extensive research and development of our Summits' content and focus areas, and we will assemble the most respected minds in cybersecurity communities, as well as key policy-makers across military and civilian offices. Our non-partisan approach allows us to reach across all services and organizations to bring together a truly holistic group of decision makers and solution providers.



Exhibit and Sponsorship Information:

This Symposium offers several distinct opportunities for organizations to demonstrate their technologies or solutions that address the Symposium subject matter, or to partake in a thought leadership role. If you are an organization that would like to learn more about how you can be involved, please visit us here.

New topics for this year's Symposium:

- DoD Cyberspace Policy and Strategy

- Assessing the implications of USCYBERCOM’s elevated status

- Utilizing private sector partnerships for joint defense initiatives

- Equipping the Cyber Mission Force

- Integrating cyber capabilities within tradition brigades

- Combatting non-state actors in cyberspace

- Protecting our intricate critical infrastructure

- Addressing the need for rapid cyber capability development

- Securing federal and civilian networks

- Modernizing DoD networks and updating legacy systems


At our Symposium You Have the Ability To:

  • Gain Education & Insight: Walk away with knowledge gained from our senior level speakers on some of the complex challenges facing the Cyber Security communities

  • Build Partnerships: The agenda is designed to allow for ample networking opportunities and the ability to engage in constructive dialogue among all in attendance.
  • Influence: Help foster ideas! Share your own insight and knowledge during our interactive sessions. All attendees are encouraged to address our speaker faculty and each other with their questions, comments or ideas..

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2017 Participating Organizations:

Personnel from DoD, DHS, Federal Agencies and Industry involved in delivering enhanced network security with titles including (but not limited to):

Cybersecurity Intelligence Analyst, Cyber Policy Analyst, Cyber Research Program Lead, Cyber Warfare Analyst, Cybersecurity Instructor, Federal Cyber Liaison, Cyber Operations Program Manager, Principal Analyst C3I, Cyber Portfolio Manager, Deputy Principal Cyber Advisor, [Service] Lead for Network Modernization, Cyber Warfare Engineer, Cyber Security Officer, CIO, Cyber Security Analyst, Senior Security Developer, Systems Developer, Endpoint Security Engineer, Infrastructure and Endpoint Security, Security Architect, Information Security Specialist, Federal Solutions Architect, National Security Analyst, Cybersecurity Engineer, Cyber Intelligence Analyst, Cloud Security Architect, Network Design Engineer, Cloud Developer, Cyber Infrastructure Security Consultant, Threat Specialist, Identity Alert Agent


Operating Guidance for Government Attendees:

- DSI’s Summit directly supports DoD and Federal Government priorities by providing a conduit for officials to efficiently reach audiences outside of their respective offices that directly impact their department's mission success, at no charge to the government, and in an efficient expenditure of time.

- DSI’s Summit will provide a forum to address and improve internal and external initiatives, meet with and hear from partner organizations, disseminate vital capability requirements to industry, increase visibility within the larger community, and generally support their mission.

- The Summit is open and complimentary to all DoD and Federal employees and is considered an educational training forum, and a widely attended gathering.